Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Author Guest Post - Laurie White

Author Guest Post - Laurie White

Today I welcome fellow author, Laurie White, on my blog. Her latest release, "Twist of fate", is now available in paperback.
She is giving away an e-copy of her book to one lucky commenter!

About the Author:
Laurie White is the author of two romantic suspense novels from Sweet Cravings Publishing. Her latest novel, TWIST OF FATE, was released in paperback in May 2013. Laurie loves writing stories that feature strong heroines and troubled yet honorable heroes. She is a veterinary technology student and lives in the hills of Tennessee with her four adorable cats.

Book title:  TWIST OF FATE
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Book blurb:
Successful Dallas radio talk show host Devon Gallagher has put her traumatic past behind and is now happy in her life and career. Then come the strange phone calls, notes and gifts, including a pair of her own underwear – shredded and packed in black rose petals. Shaken and desperate, Devon is finally driven to seek help from the one man she thought she'd never see again. Private security expert Rick Bergstrom broke her heart once years ago and Devon vowed to never forget that, but soon she finds the sexy ex-cop dominating her fantasies once more. Rick thought he had gotten over Devon, yet as soon as he sets eyes on her his feelings come roaring back. Sweet memories haunt him. Although Rick and Devon are determined to put aside their past together, as they work to unmask the stalker they discover an even greater danger: their still-smoldering passion.

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Twitter: @lwhiteauthor

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"It's okay. You don't have to explain."
Rick's gentle voice reached into her soul and soothed its raw wounds. "I shouldn't have yelled at him."
"No, you shouldn't have." He stepped closer and stroked her hair. "Like I said the other day, it's probably encouraged him, but we'll deal with it."
A sound halfway between a sigh and a sob escaped her throat. As Rick moved closer she pressed her body against his without a second thought. Slowly he wrapped her in his arms. Oh, she needed his quiet strength almost as much as her next breath.

But then his embrace tightened, his warm breath tickled her cheek. The awareness in her suddenly flared, making her tremble. His body heat burned through her thin towel. Her breasts turned heavy, her nipples became hard points against the muscular plane of his chest. The rigid evidence of his arousal pressed into her belly.

What was she doing? She couldn't get intimate with Rick again. Oh, she wanted to, more than she'd wanted anything in a long time, but it would solve nothing.

"Rick, we can't."

He released her and she stepped back, clutching the towel even tighter around her body. Heat flooded her face.

"It's okay."

She heard the frustration lacing his voice. "No, it's not. This stalker knows who you are. Because of me you're in danger."

"Nothing I can't handle."

"I won't put you at any more risk."

He grasped her shoulders with firm yet gentle hands. "I'm not leaving you to face this stalker alone, Devon. End of discussion. Now try to get some rest, okay?" His gaze raked over her, then he turned to leave. "I'll see you in the morning."

Once Rick had stepped out and shut the door, Devon dropped her towel. After some rummaging in a dresser drawer she pulled out her favorite old pink nightshirt, washed and worn so many times the gray kitten design on the front was barely visible. The nightshirt had always served as a security blanket in times of sickness or stress. Tonight sure qualified as one of those. She slipped the soft cotton garment over her head then sank down onto the bed, her skin tingling from Rick's warm breath and the feel of his strong arms around her.

After all this time her body still wanted him. She still wanted him. But that couldn't happen as long as their lives remained so different and this stalker was on the loose.

With a sigh she reached out and switched off the bedside lamp. She had to put aside these feelings for her own peace of mind—and for Rick's safety.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Release Day - Hot Dreams of a Lonely Soul

Hello everybody and thank you for stopping by! This is a very special day for me. Finally, my dream of being published has come true and there are not enough words to express how happy I am.

I am extremely thankful to my publisher and the amazing crew working on each book. Secret Cravings Publishing  is not just a publisher. It’s a family, and I am honored to be a part of it.

This book is dedicated to one of the most amazing persons I had the chance to meet, the wonderful Sable Hunter. Thank you for being the sister I never had and for always being there for me. Your friendship means the world to me and I will forever be grateful to you!

On this special occasion I will give away three copies of my book to three lucky commenters.  
Don’t forget to add your email addresses, so I can send you the book. 
I will announce the winners on Monday, May 27th.

Book title: Hot Dreams of a Lonely Soul – Book 1

Sequel: Hopeful Dreams and New Beginnings – Book 2 (scheduled for August)

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Book blurb:

Sexy former bikini model Carly Smith chooses to stay away from men after getting out of a bad marriage. Still traumatized by her past with her jealous, abusive ex husband, she is afraid to engage in another relationship, let alone be intimate with anybody. However, sparks fly when she meets her new handsome boss, Robert Benton. Extremely attracted to him, she finds herself in a delicate situation as he is constantly in her thoughts and haunting her dreams at night, turning her entire body into a time bomb of need, ready to explode. Each time she wakes up disappointed and alone, craving for his touch, but lacking the courage to turn her hot dreams into reality. What happens when Robert unexpectedly shows up at her door one night? Will she manage to overcome her fears and allow him inside, or will she deny him access?

Raw need twisted in her gut. Anxious to see the rest of him, she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, then watched him hook his thumbs inside the waistband and peel them down his hips together with his boxers, freeing his huge erection.

She gasped before she could catch herself, her insides liquefying more at the mere sight of it. Suddenly she was dying to feel him inside her, stretching her cunt in the most pleasurable ways.

“Is something wrong?” A hint of amusement edged his words as he regarded her mischievously. “You look surprised.” Pure confidence of male pride laced his husky voice.

Carly saw the twinkle playing at the corners of his eyes. “You’re big...” she murmured, but hardly recognized the sound of her own voice.

“I am as big as I need to be to make you scream like never before and beg for more,” he said with a confidence that only enhanced her impatience, her channel quivering with the need to be filled. His deft hands spread her thighs wide and his eyes took in the glistening pink folds of her pussy now exposed to him. “Gorgeous!” He swept his tongue over his lips to moisten them. “I’ve wanted to taste this the moment I first say you.”

“Robert...” Her throat tightened and her mouth went dry. The color grew hotter and hotter in her cheeks under his profound glare, and she fought with the urge to pull her thighs back together. However, the look in his eyes was nothing like that of her ex husband. His was of pure joy and admiration and his gaze seemed to be worshipping her, sweeping her from head to toe. The realization soothed her, little silvery wings of anticipation fluttering through her and causing all her worries to dissipate into thin air.

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