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Author Guest Post - Isobelle Cate

Author Guest Post - Isobelle Cate

Today I welcome my friend, author Isobelle Cate, on my blog. Her new release, "Love in Her Dreams", is now available and she is sharing an excerpt with you.
She is also giving away a copy of her book to one lucky commenter!

About the Author:

Isobelle Cate is a woman who wears different masks. Mother-writer, wife-professional, scholar-novelist. Currently living in Manchester, she has been drawn to the little known, the secret stories, about the people and the nations: the English, the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh, and those who are now part of these nations whatever their origins. Her vision and passion are fuelled by her interest and background in history and paradoxically, shaped by growing up in a clan steeped in lore, loyalty, and legend.

Isobelle is intrigued by forces that simmer beneath the surface of these cultures, the hidden passions, unsaid desires, and yearnings unfulfilled.

Love in Her Dreams

Genre: Erotic Romance
Book blurb:
Alec and Tamsyn know they are meant to be together though they have never met. And yet their passion for each other consumes them when they dream.

Alec knows that Tamsyn is the woman for him, but finding her at the moment is an impossibility. Or is it?

After resigning from her job, Tamsyn takes a break in Scotland when she feels the presence of the man who haunts her dreams. He is tangibly near and in Edinburgh. The sex they have in her sleeping moments becomes more real. But how can she find him in the streets of Edinburgh when the only thing she remembers is his touch, his scent, his passion?

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Alec rose above her to look at her face and kiss-swollen mouth. Her chestnut brown hair spread around her. Her sweet breath fanned the flames around them, then he closed his eyes as he shuddered. She held him firmly in her hands and her fingers around his cock were driving him insane. His breath was harsh as he looked down. His cock was painfully stiff and upright above her mound. He groaned as she continued rubbing him before she pushed him gently onto his back. He looked at how her hands perfectly held him. Up and down they went. He was mesmerized, his desire driving him to thrust against the snug ring her hands made. Her nipples were puckered, ripe and beckoned to him to take them again. He cupped them and circled his thumbs against them until she let out a low, throaty moan. Alec looked at her face. Her mouth was parted, her tongue licked her lower lip, her eyes dilated with unspent desire. He placed a thigh between her legs and pulled her hips down against it to rub her. She moaned in delight, as his thigh bathed in her juices. He closed his eyes as he imagined her sweet juices around his cock when he entered her later, bathing him with her need. When she splayed kisses over his stomach, Alec's pulse raced further. He could feel his cock straining impatiently but she took her time. Then he felt her tongue against the underside of his shaft before she swallowed him. He groaned out his pleasure as his head pressed deeper into the pillow. His hips bucked and he gave in to the sweetness of her mouth. He thought he would go out of his mind when she looked up at him before he felt rather than saw her swirling her tongue inside her mouth against his pulsating rod. Alec held her hair away from her face as he watched her enjoying him. He hissed when she purred and the vibrations thrummed through his sensitive member. She sucked him, alternating between fast and languid, between short and deep throat strokes. Alec's body trembled. He knew if she didn't stop he would come. In less than a second Alec lifted her and lay her on the bed.

Leaning on one hand, Alec caressed her hip again before making its way to her wet slit. He looked up and saw her eyes widen and close halfway as she continued to move her hands up and down him. A trickle of pre-cum oozed out of him. Her forefinger swiped at it and brought it up to her mouth at the same time his finger entered her. She moaned and gasped at the same time and lifted her hips against him. She cried out when his thumb encircled her soaked pleasure nub. Then he placed a second finger inside her. Alec needed to taste her. It was one of the things he always looked forward to. He kissed her hard then licked the mole on her hip before he knelt between her thighs.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Author Interview - Lindsay Downs

Author Interview - Lindsay Downs

It is my pleasure to have author Lindsay Downs on my blog today answering some questions and presenting his book, "Ice Queen"!


1. What genre do you write and why?
Currently I write two genres with multiple contracted books in each. I started off with contemporary romantic suspense with the “A Jessica Sales Novel” series. They are being released every few months from Secret Cravings Publishing (SCP) starting this month with Ice Queen.
The other is regency romantic suspense with the first Spy Catcher coming from SCP in July. Right now this is a standalone but might develop into a series.
2. What other genres would you like to try, which you haven’t done before?
I think the next genre I’ll try is contemporary romance without any suspense or mystery as a subplot.
3. Is there a genre that you would never like to try?

Erotica is one I won’t try, not because I don’t like it but I don’t write hot, steamy, sweaty sex scenes. 

4. Is there a character you liked so much that you would like to meet?
Of all the characters I’ve written my most favorite is Jessica Sales and she’s the one I’d like to hang with. Jessica, not Jess or Jessie, is tough, soft, sexy, hard and can kill with a look or a tanto bladed knife at close range. For the longer distances she’s partial to either the Remington 700 sniper rifle. But, if she really needs to reach out and touch someone give her the Barrett M82A1.
Now, tell me who wouldn’t want to have a meal with her, as long as she doesn’t cook it since she can’t even boil water.
5. When do you usually write and where? Do you have a certain place or writing cave?
I usually devote my late afternoons and nights to writing. I’ve got the perfect place to write as it’s my bedroom, office, where I eat. In other words I live in a boarding house and my entire world is my 15X15 foot room.
6. Where does your inspiration come from?
With my A Jessica Sales Novel series the inspirations come from a word I hear or flits through my mind. Ice Queen because Jessica a cold, for the most part.
Then I had the word prompt “red” from a small group of writers, Tuesday Tales, who write each week to either a word or picture prompt. When I saw the word I immediately thought of blood diamonds and thus the story was born. White Queen came from the prompt “white” and I knew Jessica needed to stop an international white slavery ring. And so it sort of goes with this series
Writing the regencies sort of started as a dare for me. I was presented with several conditions; time of year, year of story and who had to play a major part in the book. From there I wrote the first which developed into a second book, Spy Catcher releasing in July. There is a very strong possibility this will continue into a series.
7. Do you have other passions besides writing?
You mean there’s something else besides writing? Okay, yes I love to read and do it whenever I can.
8. What do you think is the hardest thing about writing?
Telling my characters to stop talking so I can get to bed.
9. Have you ever written a story based on real life events?
In a sense yes. The second novella in “Love and War”, from SCP, entitled Rescued is loosely based on my parents. Other than that one everything I’ve written, am writing and will write is the product of my imagination.
10. Out of all the books you’ve written, which is your favorite one?
This is really the easiest question to answer. Every book in The Jessica Sales Novel series and the regencies I’m working on. In short, if I don’t enjoy writing the book I won’t write it therefore it doesn’t qualify as a favorite.
11. How do you decide how hot or not your book is going to be?
I don’t. It’s my characters who tell me what heat level to take the book to. I know that might sound strange but if you’ve ever had a character go off on your head you’ll understand. They rule the book, I just write what they tell me to.

Ice Queen

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Book blurb: Military grade weaponry is disappearing from bases all over the world, only to end up in the hands of terrorists and dictators.

Governments are helpless as the threats of being overthrown mount. As a last resort the world leaders turn to The Consortium to bring the biggest arms dealer to justice. They set Special Operative Jessica Sale on the trail of Justin Grey.

Portraying herself as the go to person when a buyer is looking for quantity and quality Jessica easily instills herself into his organization.

Buried deep within the mountains of Wyoming she finds her target and something she didn’t expect-a traitor in the guise of her boyfriend.

With personal feelings aside she charges ahead with the mission. Flying to New York Jessica arranges for monies to be transferred and weapons shipped. Pleased with her work he invites Jessica back to Wyoming except he never makes it home.

Author contact links:

Twitter - @ldowns2966

Murders and Mysteries blog -

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Thank you, Lindsay, for stopping by my blog today. I'm looking forward to hosting you again soon!