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Author Guest Post - LL Brooks

Author Guest Post + GIVEAWAY - LL Brooks

Hey, guys! Today I am happy to host author LL Brooks on my blog. She is offering a copy of her book, "Taking Eric Home" to one lucky commenter. Please make sure you leave your email address and she will pick the winner tomorrow.

Author bio: Less than a year in the erotic genre, LL has turned out hot and sexy bestselling short stories, novelettes, and full length novels ranging from historical, here and now, and into the future and faraway places only imagination can take you in a variety of m/f, m/m, and ménage. Visit LL’s site to find your choice of stimulating, sensual, and yes, naughty. LL always welcomes feedback from readers as well.    

Book title: Taking Eric Home
Genre: Science fiction romance, m/m/m, erotic
Book blurb: 
Living as ambassador and spy took an even more dangerous turn when the king gave Cale a male sex slave to use. The temporary gift isn’t because he’d always been open in his sexual preferences. Rumors from a previous mission, branded him a sadistic pervert. Sickened at being expected to torture the man, he assigned himself a more dangerous mission, steal the slave, restore his mind, and when he could communicate again, take home the man he called Eric. Silh, his non-gay assistant he’d hidden his love from for years, volunteered to help. The king sent assassins to kill them and retrieve Eric, the government Cale worked for demanded he take Eric to them for research. With the odds against them, can three men survive the real reason the king demands Eric back and discover if love is gender blind?

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Cale’s assistant waited for him in the hall, being too inferior to be allowed into the king’s chamber. Selh, somewhat shorter than Cale, had a compact, muscular body Cale often fought to keep thoughts of caressing from his mind, just as he fought against proclaiming his love for the man he knew had gained respect for him, but not his way of life.

Selh fell into step beside him as they followed the king’s emissary. To the observer, no words were spoken. A carefully concealed skill shared by Selh and Cale enabled them to speak privately, which was the reason they had been ordered to work together despite Selh’s disapproval regarding Cale’s sexuality.

How did it go? Selh asked.
A few surprises, one of which is a gift from his royal asshole of a sex slave I am expected to abuse unmercifully.
A muscle in Selh’s cheek twitched, a show of his surprise though few other than Cale would recognize it as such. It would seem they have done a bit of investigating.
Yes, as well as a disclosure, which troubles me. My gift is a cyborg trained for the use of man-love without objection as to what form that may take. I am expected to inflict pain on what they tell me is a man with prosthetic replacements to damaged limbs.
He’s exposing their technology to you? Selh asked, skipping the other subject.
Yes and with hidden reason I have yet to discover. Skullduggery is afoot.
Selh’s eyebrow twitched, another telltale show of emotion. Must you use ancient phrases to confuse me?
Remember those I use and you will be confused less.
I remember those you have used. You have an unlimited number of them.
They’re up to something. At the moment the only reason that comes to mind for inserting an outsider into our presence is to report all he observes.
That would be more easily accomplished by monitoring the accommodations they give us.
Stopping in the hall, the emissary interrupted their private conversation. “Your apartment, Ambassador Cale Peters.” He pushed open the door, bowing Cale in ahead of him. “We do hope the accommodations meet with your approval and needs.”
Grossly elaborate, was Cale’s immediate opinion. He had never understood why those with riches felt the need to display them in useless and obscene embellishments of gold and jewels. He nodded in approval of furniture covered in fur he would be loath to sit on, arranged about the room on carpets deep as a mattress and surrounded by walls embedded with gold designs of flowers with jeweled centers. He followed as the man indicated a second door, stopping at the threshold of his assigned bedchamber, fighting not to scream in rage.
Collared and chained, his new servant stood in a six foot by six alcove, bare of any luxuries on walls, floor, and ceiling. No comfort or necessities either. No bed, no cot, not even a blanket cluttered the open cell, for cell was what it was, the chain from his neck connected to a ring in the center of the bare section, only long enough to allow him to reach the edge of the barren floor. The simple codpiece he had worn had been stripped away, leaving him completely naked but for the scars he wore, evidence of previous torture.

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  1. Sensuality, sex, and espionage equates to an exciting read. Congratulations LL! I'd love to be able to get to read this.

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